Our lunch list changes weekly in a three-week period. From the list you will always find a risotto or pizza of the week.

For lighter lunch lovers, five different salads are available, and we have selected all the favorites . The fastest people choose the daily changing Piatto Giorno, which sometimes gets sold out.

But no problem, options and flavors will surely suffice for everyone. Oh yes, we have lunch with authentic old-fashioned brewed coffee and ice cream ball.

Lunch is served Mon-Fri 11-15.

Ps. Please also ask for our lunch pass, every 11th lunch is free. For corporate customers, we have tailor-made a flat-rate lunch pack, where all our lunches are of the same price (€ 10.50).

Ciao ystävät!!!

Mamma Maria alkaa 8.3.2021 alkaen toimimaan Take away / kuljetus ravintolana yhteistyössä Foodoran ja ResQ:n kanssa.

Uutuutena toimitamme Itse isommat tilaukset keskustan alueelle mahdollistaen ”räätälöidyt” paketit.

Annoksia löytyy myös Mammasta ilman tilaustakin esim. Lasagnea saatavilla Ma-la 11-17 suoraan lunch boxissa.

Tervetuloa ostoksille, yhdessä tästä selvitään.

T. Mamma Maria

Tutustu take away -menuun